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How much mulch to use? Mulch can be pretty tough to calculate for the everyday person. It’s not like you’re using the measure of cubic yards every day. So the next time you’re wondering what the heck a cubic yard is, and how many cubic yards you may need for your landscape beds, just call us. We will calculate that for you.

  • Black Dyed Mulch
  • Pecan Shell Mulch
  • Black Composted Mulch
  • Cedar Mulch
  • Fresh Grind Mulch

A single cubic yard of Mulch will cover 162 square feet at 2 inches of thickness. This is normally how thick people are spreading their mulch depending on what’s underneath. If you’re looking to spread a little deeper at 3 inches, a single cubic yard will cover around 108 square feet.

Black Dyed Mulch

Black Dyed Mulch

Rich Black Color. Made with a water-soluble dye. Beautiful decorative mulch to add an edgy, sleek look to your garden.

Black Composted Mulch

Black Composted Mulch

Dark chocolate brown in color. This is a composted aged mulch with native hardwoods to give extra nutrients and the darkest natural color possible. Can be worked into the soil after the season.

Cedar Composted Mulch

Cedar Mulch

Natural red and brown tones. Long-lasting color. The oils found in Cedar Mulch are a natural deterrent for certain insects such as fire ants.

Fresh Grind Mulch

Fresh Grind Mulch

Light brown color, double ground native mulch.

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Pecan Shell Mulch

Dark brown in color. Mostly used as a decorative mulch.

Benefits of Organic Mulch

Here are some benefits of organic mulch. Healthier soil, more significant plant growth, moisture control, weed control, and aesthetics are just a few that spring to mind. Maybe your goal is a better harvest, or perhaps you want the best-looking yard on the block. Mulch is going to be a critical factor in pretty much any scenario.

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