4 Benefits to Using Organic Mulch

Protecting your garden with organic mulch will reap a better harvest for you.

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Mulch is incredibly beneficial for any garden. Most crops require mulch at a certain point of their growth for a multitude of reasons. Naturally, it is recommended to use organic products in your garden to the best of your ability. This is especially easy with organic mulch, since it is easily accessible and affordable. The team at Quality Organic Products in Selma is here with four benefits of using organic mulch!

A pile of woodchips with a single orange leaf resting on top.

Injury Prevention

Unfortunately, crops are susceptible to injury from factors such as weather conditions. Think of a tomato plant. The vines can grow to be so tall that they lean over completely, requiring the help of support systems such as cages. Organic mulch provides an additional layer of protection for these crops, ensuring that they reach their fullest potential, even with everything Mother Nature can throw at them!

Gardener wedding mulch around a small bush.

Weed Control

The saying “growing like a weed” is quite literal in this instance. Weeds are pesky garden hindrances. They are persistent, growing in the most inconvenient places. Organic mulch can combat their rapid growth, ensuring that your crops are able to grow at their most natural pace. Of course, organic mulch won’t completely eliminate weed growth, but it certainly helps stop the spread.

A mound of wood chips piled in a field.

Insect Repellent

Organic mulch can act as a form of natural insect repellent. Insects hate organic mulch in the form of wood chips. This is especially true for pests such as gnats and ticks. These pests are very common in vegetable gardens, and they tend to have a heightened presence in the summer months. It can be tedious spraying your garden with natural insecticides, so an organic mulch helps protect your plants while they grow.

A gardener adding wood chips around a garden.


Contrary to popular belief, not all organic products are more expensive than their nonorganic counterparts. Organic mulch tends to be far less inexpensive than nonorganic mulch. For example, a large bag of wood chips may surprise you by only costing $4. Additionally, organic mulch lasts longer while costing less than nonorganic mulch.

Adding organic mulch to your garden helps you and your crops survive each season. You’ll eventually need to add mulch anyway, so it’s a good idea to choose organic mulch to even out your garden. Organic mulch helps vegetables thrive through their harvest, giving gardeners peace of mind. Ensure that you receive a high return of investment on your gardening endeavors when you purchase organic mulch from Quality Organic Products in Selma!

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