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Home Garden

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Commercial Wholesale

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Quality Organic Products takes pride in providing Mixed organic Soil, Composting, Mulch, Palletized Rock, and Fertilizers. Our organic products are designed to function in diverse geographic and environmental conditions. Those that use our products will improve the soil and provide the nutrients that will enhance your lawn or garden’s health.

We make our mulch in-house. Mulch can be spread in all areas that are not in the grass or thick ground cover. Trees and shrubs benefit from mulch spread at least as far as their outermost branches (the “dripline”). To prevent root strangulation, diseases, and pest infestation, avoid piling mulch against tree trunks.

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Make your garden come to life with our organic products. There are numerous mental and physical health benefits to going organic. Time spent in the garden working with the soil and plants can be very meditative and peaceful, so much so that organic gardening has made its way into the mental health industry in the form of Horticultural Therapy.

We have organic mulch, organic mixed soil, organic compost, fertilizers and palletized products.

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Premiere Landscaping Supplies

Quality Organic Products is a Composting/Soil Mixing facility in Selma, TX. We provide custom soil mixers for both small and large projects, and are Selma's premier lawn and garden store. We have our own Topsoil Pit, our own unique Vegetable Compost, Mulches, River Rock, Flagstone, Chopped Block and more! Additionally, we have several varieties of soil mixes from Screened and Unscreened regular topsoil, to Four-Way mixes, to Rose Mix, Garden Plus and even Lawn Dressing. Since soil and composition and PH can vary greatly in this region, we can also offer advice on what soil mix you might want to use in a specific location.

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“I have purchased dirt here twice, both times the 4-way mix. It smells amazing and is very easy to work with. The staff is friendly and helpful. I was clueless as to the amounts I needed for my home and they helped me figure it out. Highly recommend!”

Daniell Montes


“I have purchased 4-way soil from here previously. I had my own truck at that time. Never had a negative experience, the staff would help me in choosing the right soil/dirt. I no longer have a truck and had it delivered. From the phone call to the delivery was an extremely pleasant experience. The driver Bruce was super friendly. Will continue to buy from them.”

Carla Widmer


“Great customer service, variety and as the name states Quality products. Delivery driver-friendly and very accommodating to my placement of where I wanted product.”

Toni Williams